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The Aussie Sport Skills Pathway Program ...

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Mentoring the youth of today: 

In recent years we have been actively involved in a number of community-based programs. In particular, the community-based 'Skills for Life' Program has proven to be a successful initiative. This program encourages former and current sport stars to visit townships in areas of regional Australia for the purpose of delivering important messages of encouragement to young Australians.
The work of these sport stars has a number of facets including fitness training, skill development, talks given to students on goal-setting, planning future pathways and avoiding obstacles that may prevent students from building a successful future.  Also incorporated into the program is a component where groups of students take part in team-building exercises involving drills requiring cooperation skills. 

The ongoing mission of the “Skills for Life” Program is to have a positive influence on the lives of young Australians. The community-based activities undertaken to date have been well-received by both the students and their extended family members.  The program provides a platform for respected sportsmen and women to reach out and guide today's youth. Mentors walk with students, guiding them towards career pathways. Online communication is used effectively to monitor the progress of young people as they journey towards a successful future with words of encouragement given by mentors each step of the way. 

Mark & Lisa Russell 
Aussie Sport Skills Management

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